Tuesday, December 16, 2014

rock n roll school lunch

today I was inspired by Dylan's ugly school sandwich. I was like "why doesn't anybody write an anonymous blog or whatever about a new school lunch item every week and write snarky commentary?" from now on, this blob will now be dedicated to HA no way never. BUUUUTT, you can find our shenanigans at @rocknrollschoollunch (inspired by the late, great Wesley Willis's "Rock n Roll McDonald's"). yeah, it's an anonymous acct, but I am counting on the fact that most of you are from the Netherlands (crowd cheers) or the Philippines (crowd roars)and won't hold this against me.

ANYHOW, entered the Scholastic Art and Writing National Contest today (the day before the deadline, in my fashion). I finished my last piece this morning. WELL, HERE IT ISSSS. I had to give it a title (grrrr), so I titled it "Manus" (Latin word for hand) because LOL PRETENTIOUS AND ARTSY WHAT A COMBINATION!!!! No, I just couldn't think of anything and Latin = origins and the drawing was pretty technical so ya know . . .

Wednesday, November 12, 2014


today at la bibliotheque: two adults having a meeting over McDonald's in the dark corner of the children's section, and greasers watching Star Wars on a laptop in the garden. Also, a tall girl with a green wig and an annoyed guy wearing crocs.
the end

but not quite

okay so parsons summer intensive or csssa summer arts school? list of pros and cons coming soon.
the reflections contest awards ceremony is a week from today and . . . I don't really know what to say about it other than that.

we got an interview with filmmaker and photographer Natalie Neal for Zine Club about three weeks ago (?), and I am happy to see that she has also gotten many more interviews and much more attention in places such as Written Citizen and September Issues. we like you, natalie, we really like you.

some finished song art I did for The Efts! These guys have some really original music and sound going on, so you should go check them out on Soundcloud and Google Play. They awesome. Disenchanted, Soulbound, and Wednesday Song are my picks ;)

Wednesday, November 5, 2014


so many things. the reflections contest ceremony is November 19th and I am scared. we don't know who wins what until the names are called and the deal is done. I feel like my idea and theme was really strong. I hear they judge a lot on that. there's one that is technically strong but the idea isn't as strong or passionate as mine. they did painting and I did collage - I hope that doesn't affect my success, that I did a collage. who knows?

I just have had this vision of wearing my red dress that I got from the thrift store with a denim jacket, my black stockings and my black doc martens. do you ever get a vision/dream that is so excruciatingly real that you can almost taste it? I can just picture coming out of the auditorium with first place and the amazing feeling of knowing that you have made it to the next level of the competition. I can even see my excited mannerisms as I walk. coming back to earth, I don't even know why I am putting a lot of thought into this contest. maybe because it's one of the first. I'm lame.

so many opportunities but SO LITTLE TIIIMMMMMMEEEEE.
I really wanted to work on something good for the national scholastic art and writing contest, but I don't know if I will be able to do finish more than one big piece . . . if even that.

oh hey its bae
trying to practice the drawing of figures . . .

pastel self-portrait

ANYHOW, if you are feeling extra donation-y (as in fifty cents - five dollars range), your contribution to Zine Club at zineclub.bigcartel.com is sooooo appreciated. if you are looking for more information before investing your hard-earned quarters, go to gohszineclub.blogspot.com

the big news at Zine Club these days is that we have NATALIE NEAL on board for an interview AND to premier her new short film "Seashells" at ou launch party that will take place in January! Natalie has done music videos for numerous bands and places like Urban Outfitters, Nylon Mag, Oyster Mag, and many others. She also has another short film, "Rose and Sophia", that is a great fourteen-minute escape from life (warning: may cause your bedroom d├ęcor and/or wardrobe and/or suburb to feel inferior)

also participating in the first issue of the zine, out in dec/jan time, is MAGGIE THRASH, staff writer for Rookie Mag and overall just a great fiction writer and comic artist! She has agreed to contribute a piece of fiction to the first issue, which has my eyes watering and my heart thumping.

zinester and artist ANKE WECKMANN has ALLLSSSOO agreed to an interview! plus, etsy star ELECTRASHEART SHOP has happily abided to send over some items that we will be giving away as prizes in contests/raffles at the launch party!!!

I can hear the round of applause somewhere in the distance.


Tuesday, October 14, 2014


My submission for the Reflections Contest. The theme was "The world would be a better place if . . .", so naturally, I went the feminist route. Special thanks to Barbie and Ken for letting me adorn their bodies in society's customary sexist terms and double-standards.
I have been working on this here and there on the weekends for over a month and have been fantasizing about the day I would turn it in for at least that long, so today is somewhat strange magic.
 just listen and you will feel.

Anyhow, I really liked this because it is the perfect blend of cute stuffed animals and human organs.


I have been away for a little while because of my editor duties at ZINE CLUB(!!!) If you don't submit, do you even exist? HA chew on that . . . and then spit it out, head on over to gohszineclub.blogspot.com, and click the "submit" page on the right side. The rest will be history. Everyone who contributes will get a copy when it is published around xmas break :0
ALLLSSSOOOOO anyone who purchases a piece from my shop, brokenumbrellas.bigcartel.com, will get a copy too.
Lastly, check out September Issues, this AWESOME new collective and site that I am lucky to be a part of!

Saturday, October 4, 2014

oh yeah, she's losing it

for Nylon Mag, like the little fan I am.

Hey Kids (aye-aye, Captain),
the theme for the first issue of the Zine Club zine will be up soon on gohszineclub.blogpot.com. the theme is not a rule over all submissions, so don't think too hard on what you want to send to us. if you want to get reminders about deadlines/contests/OTHER FUN STUFF then text "@gohsz" to (951)801-4846. everyone's welcome ;0

I have been trying to get to the bottom of why doing this project, as we call it, has been giving us so many good feelings. We (me and Shaylie) kind of realized that the beauty of a zine is that it is a purely open forum for truly anyone to create whatever they want, with whatever thesis, and have it presented side-by-side with other opinion of different medium. how is it even possible for all these contrasting ideas to coexist harmonically in a totally AMAZING little publication? strange magic . . . that's all I've got.

make like ebola and SPREAD [the word]

anyhow, a playlist. I didn't even notice this, but Asleep by The Smiths plays before Sunday Morning by The Velvet Underground. It reminded me that as lonely as things can be, or however much you want to "go to bed", if you hold on and wait for Sunday morning to roll around, things will get better. Please wait for Sunday morning.